Thursday, July 29, 2010

The BlogWagon

Well... after months of contemplating... I joined the BlogWagon! I am not usually one to hop on, seeing as though I didn't read Harry Potter or the Twilight Series, never had Pogs, a HAcky Sac, or a Game Boy, and missed every fashion bandwagon from Sun In and soccer shorts to Uggs and skinny jeans. Call me old fashioned, or just out of fashion, but by the time I actually like something, Anna informs me that, in fact, it is NOT cool anymore to wear jean shorts.

But here I am...hopping on. I love reading about my friends, and my friends' friends, and my friends' friends' friends, and seeing what they have been up too. It is a joy to see all of the great news that is shared: engagements, weddings, babies, anniversaries, etc. I have learned great mom tricks, cooking tips, and even stolen some party themes. I hope to share all of these things and most importantly, pictures and tidbits from Anna Grace and baby Gauntt #2!

Disclaimer: I did not take a single English course in college. I am not a prolific writer, have never considered myself "funny", and most of my creative ideas are copied from someone else. The intended audience is mostly grandparents, great grandparents and anyone else obliged to fiegn interest in what we have going on in the Gauntt house. With that, Enjoy the blog!