Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Today was the big day! We got to go to Anna Grace's preschool and meet her sweet teachers. She will be attending St. Ann's wonderful ECDC program starting next week. I got to sign up to be a volunteer mom and am already scheduled to bring snacks! I think I was more excited than Anna Grace was, but once she meets all of her classmates I know she will love it.

I think we are almost ready for next week. Her outfit is picked out, and she already rolls her backpack like a pro. We have been working on teaching her how to use her nap mat. However, she is not a fan. Good luck to her teachers with that one.

Outside before heading out. She wasn't too impressed.

Walking down the hall to her classroom like a big girl!

Posing with Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Florentino. Still not so sure about this preschool thing.

There probably will not be a post next week about the first day of school, because I am anticipating some puffy red eyes, (mine, not Anna Grace's).

13 & 14 Weeks

Well, I'm jumping on another bandwagon. I will be posting belly pictures week by week... or week by every other week. No guarantees. Here are the first two.

Disclaimer** This is not one of those blogs where I post the cutest outfit of the week. You get what you get, and it will probably be a solid color top every week sans accessories. That's just how I roll. Now, there may be the occasional mini model in her newest outfit, but that's not planned. Just lucky.

Friday, August 20, 2010

You might have a toddler if...

You find your makeup in the bathtub,
Batteries in the toilet paper,

hand sanitizer in the dollhouse,

your computer mouse in the play table,

your garage sale-ing money going for a stroll,

toothbrushes in the pantry,

and last but not least, your NEIGHBOR's spare key in the play kitchen!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AG's First Haircut!

Anna Grace got her very first haircut today and it was a success! Her Great Aunt Marilyn owns a beautiful salon called Stephen Rae in Willowbend and gave AG her first trim!

The first snip... and I didn't even cry!

Somebody was a hambone. Besides being wiggly, she was very cooperative. Don't worry...we kept the curls in the back. As Nanna so kindly put it, "Don't cut them, cause they may be the last ones she ever has."